Feb 17, 2012

5 Ways to organize your space for under $20... #1

5 Ways to organize your space for under $20... #1 Great ideas for how to organize your things and keep them that way.

Pegboard  $20 for 2 

Pegboard is GREAT for organizing, and if you don't want an ugly piece of wood on your wall you can  paint it and put it in a frame if you like.

So first obviously paint your peg board and frame if you wish ( 6.00 for the board 4.00 for paint)

Hang that on your wall 

Than you are going to need  the things you put on the peg board (i'm only useing about 1/3rd of the hangings that were 14.00 a box for 40 somthing pieces )

Organize your stuff in it and your done! I obviously used mine for my fashion design/sewing area but some other good ideas are, for the office, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom all under $20.00

Hope you enjoyed! 

Feb 16, 2012

My top 10 favorite nail polish's and reviews

Ello everyone! so today I thought I would share my youtube video on my top10 favorite nail polish's of 2011 so here it is!

Nail polish's:
1. Color work shop (color unknown)
2. O.P.I Purple-Grape set match
3. O.P.I Nicole topcoat-clear
4. L.A. Colors Blue- (color unknown)
5. Pure Ice black-Black rage
6. Sinful colors neon Green- Irish green
7. Pure Ice white-Superstar
8. L.A. Colors Blue and purple glitter- (color unknown)
9. Rue21 crackle- black
10. N.Y.C Pink- pink promenade cream

DIY cheap drawer/makeup organizer

DIY drawer/makeup organizer
So today i;m going to show you how to make your own drawer organizer ( I used mine for makeup)
 I am going to make two lengthwise dividers and 1 shorter ones to go inside those long ones so it looks like this (right) I have seen organizers like these in stores and online price ranging from $10 to $30 so I decided to make my own using cheap products so here is a list of things you will need to get started:
Cardboard box
Scissor's or an xcacto knife
Elmer's glue AND hot glue gun
Scrap booking paper (you can purchase single pieces of craft paper at most craft stores)

Feb 14, 2012

Valentines day DIY Face mask

Hello everyone and happy valentines day! I am going to treat myself with a spa day at home I am going to do mani pedi's with my little sister and this face mask hope you enjoy and subscribe to my youtube channel!
An easy face mask that is good if you have: uneven skin tone, red blotchy skin, dry skin, acne problems, oily skin or a dull skin tone that needs brightening up! 

Step by step intructions on How to put a flying twitter bird on your blog

Step by step instructions on How to put a flying twitter bird on your blog

If you have been to my blog page which obviously you have since you are reading this you may notice there is a little blue bird flying around and if you click on it you have the option to tweet the current thing you are looking at or follow me on twitter and today I am going to show you how to get your very own birdie easily...