Apr 19, 2012

Dream cars? Random I know....

Hello everyone so today this post is just a bit  of subject and odd but I'm not exactly what you would call normal and I am more obsessed with vintage cars than most 14 yr olds out there but hey I felt like making a post of my top 5 dream cars! So here they are in no particular order...

#1. Pink or maybe red 57' Chevy belair convertible, White interior, 4 door with moon discs :)

57' Lincoln premiere, Four door, Landau PINK!

#2.  57' Lincoln premiere Landau, Four door, convertible PINK!

#3. 1959 Buick 2 Door Convertible Red, or blue

#4   Purple 59' cadillac coupe deville convertible

#5. VW bus with hippie style paintings on the side

Pink! Pink! Pink! Pink! Inspiration post! Pink and vintage

Today I am starting a 'Series' I guess you could say called Inspiration! Each week or maybe even 2 times a week I will make a post full of pics no text (except this) of things or in this case a color that I love and that inspires me and as you can tell today its Pink and vintage! and lots of it! So here you are, have a super pink day!!!

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Apr 5, 2012

My top 10 Favorite Beauty gurus!

Hey guys so in this little post today I thought I would share my top 10 fav. beauty gurus, tell you a little bit about them, why I like them and link to they're channel/blog/website And no this is not going to be just like every single other post on this I am going to have a few more known people on here but lots of them a lot of people don't know about so I thought I would tell you! ONWARD!

1. Kandee Johnson
Kandee is one of my all time favorites! She has good quality videos, shes really fun and unique not just the plain old boring thing and she gets stuff done! She is fun and entertaining to watch and also has a blog called kandee land which I think is just adorable + I love her style!!!! So I definatly Suggest subscribing to both her blog and youtube channel! kandee has almost 800,000 subscribers, 150million views and 350 videos

BLOG: http://kandeelandkandeeland.blogspot.com/

2. Holly Ann-AeRee
Holly has almost 200 videos uploaded, 2,800 sub. and over 36 million views. Ifeel like holly
has a lot of very helpful videos and they are all very professional and straight to the point
She is also very pretty and has a large collection of stuff to review and use in tutorials

Sneak peek of new O.P.I. nail polish collections coming summer 2012

Hey everyone, So today I wanted to just make a quick little post on some sneak peeks of different nail polish lines that OPI are going to be launching this summer! so here we go!

In JUNE We will see the launch of the Vintage Minnie Mouse collection, made of four colors One red, A hot and light pink shade and a glittery pink shade In the colors (from left to right) Nothin mousie bout it, The color of minnie, Im all ears and If you moust you moust. Personally I think they should have added more colors like maybe a nude color,a light purple or a shimmery white or yellow. But other than that I'm pretty excited for this collection because I love pink and glitter!

NEXT! This next one is going to be released some time in MAY This collection is going to be the Spider Man collection which I thought was a bit odd it doesn't really seem like a movie that should have a nail polish line to me, Anyway this is quite a big collection actually it has a total of 6 regular polishes and one crackle I think this is the first collection I have seen with a texture polish in it! And the colors are from left to right:  Shatter the Scales, Your Web or Mine?Call Me Gwen-Ever, Into the Night, My Boyfriend Scales WallsNumber One Nemesis, and Just Spotted the Lizard. Just spotted the lizard is actually a PERFECT dupe for Channel Peridot nail color (pictured below)
 just spotted the lizard, and Channels peridot side by side
Then coming in the fall is the Germany collection another Europe themed nail polish collection much like the Holland collection launched in the early spring/summer of 2012  I am not a huge fan of these ones I like bright colorful nail polish these ones just seem to be a bit dull to me! here are the colors  Left to Right: My Very First KnockwurstDon't Pretzel My ButtonsBerlin There Done ThatDon't Talk Bach to MeNein! Nein! Nein! Ok Fine!Scnapps Out of ItSuzi & The 7 DusseldorfsEvery Month is OktoberfestUnfor-greta-bly BlueDeutche You Want Me Baby,Danke-Shiny Red, and German-icure.
Hope  you guys enjoyed having this little sneak peek and let me know if you have any post requests!