Mar 30, 2012

Top 10 most wearable fashion trends of spring 2012

Ello everyone! today I am just going to do a short and sweet post on spring/summer fashion trends with lots of pictures so you can keep up and look fashionable this summer!!! hope you enjoy!

1. Color blocking.
This is one of my personal favorites! For those of you who do not know color blocking is fairly simple its just taking bright colored jackets, shirts, dresses, pants skirts and acc. along with anything else you can find and pairing then together with no blending, ombre, or patterns Like so:
Picture from here

Picture from here

2. Neons!
Hello 80's! I am a HUGE fan of 80's fashion, pretty much since 2010 neons have been coming back in style along with other 80's trends like lots of layers, big bows, and 80's style sunglasses and here are some cute finds:
Picture from here

3. 1950's style Peplum skirts/dresses
A peplum skirt is pretty much just a pencil skirt with an "extension" on the mid waist that pokes out a bit, can't really figure out how to explain it so just look!
Photo from here

pic from here

Picture from here
4. REALLY bold prints! and pairing more than 1 together
Oh ya... Im not the biggest fan of this one myself but maybe you are? This one is pretty simple its pretty much just super bold prints and wearing more than one together this is includeingg wearing a bold print jacket, shorts and shoes all together. Iv'e noticed that especially floral print denim shorts and jeans are pretty popular and the most wearable (find these at forever 21) personally I think its just a bit much but feel free to try it!
Picture from here
Photo from here
photo from here

5. Solid Orange and tangerine colors
I'm not  quite sure why but for some reason these colors seem to be very "in" right now I actually useally don't like orange but I like some of these
Picture from here
Picture from here

6. Statment shoes
You name it neon, glitter, studs we are loving the statment heels this trend is another of my favorites especially the glitter ones! I love shoes so much so I am loving this trend!!!

Pic from here
Picture from HERE
Picture from here

7. Maxi dresses and skirts
I love maxi dresses they are so comfortable and cute! They also keep you cool in the summer! you can buy maxi dresses/skirts in all sorts of patters my personal favorites are the ombre or tie dyed ones! Plus they are actually pretty flattering especially the ones that wrap around you in the middle like the one below
Photo from here

Pic from here
Photo from here

8. High-low dresses and skirts
Im not going to lie these dresses remind me of mullets business in the front party in the back! Fairly simple these kind of skirts are shorter in the front and get longer in the back and are really flowy 

Picture from here

pic from here
9. Mini or Body-con dresses and skirts
Yes maxi and mini! maybe on for the day and one for night? either way mini dresses and skirts or body con skirts (I love body con skirts) are up next so here you go!


Pic from  Here
Pic from here
10. Crop tops
Loose and flowey or tight and fitted either one is a must have for summer!

And thats about it! so tell me what your favorite trend this year is!!!?!??!
Hope you enjoyed!

Mar 21, 2012

Spring beauty trends & must haves!!!

Top spring beauty must haves!!!
Hey guys! so today I am just going through some summer beauty trends and must 
have products hope you enjoy!

1. Exfoliating face wash
During the summer its important to exfoliate all of the dead skin off of your face 
for glowing soft skin, These are the top products I recommend for this:

Clean and clear morning burst Facial scrub
Is good for people with regular/combo skin
and awakens your skin!
$7.00 at drug stores
Neutrogena Oil free acne foaming facial scrub
Is better for people with oily/acne prone skin and
Smells like grapefruit! great for summer!

2. Nude lipstick

Nyx black label lipstick in nude
Revlon color burst lipstick in soft nude
$6.00 drugstores
M.A.C. playing koi lipstick
3. Tinted moisturizer
For even natural coverage with moisturizer for dry summer skin

Jane nearly nude tinted moisturizer is oil free and has SPF 30
$6.00 drugstores 
Laura mercier tinted moisturizer SPF 20
Mark. tinted moisturizer SPF 15

4. Lavender and sea foam green eye shadows

Bobbi brown metallic eyeshadow in lavender
NYX single eyeshadow in sea foam green

5.Neon lip color

Nyx black label lipstick in cintrine
Nyx black label lipstick in Italian chic
M.A.C. lipstick in morange
M.A.C. lipsticks in yum yum and quite cute

Alright guys that's about all thanks for reading if you want more posts about spring/summer trends let me know!

Mar 16, 2012

Blog challenge day 2 HOW TO: Up cycled-recycled tee shirts!

up cycled tee shirt's

Ok first thing you are going to need is some tee shirts!
these are some cool shirt's i that i got  from goodwill for about $1.50 each: 

   Here is the NEW YORK shirt that I made into this:

this is how:

First lay your tee shirt out FLAT. make sure its not wadded up anywhere or anything!

start out by cutting of the sleeve's and the collar of the tee right at the seams like so

then we are going to flip the shirt over and lay it out flat again and mark the shirt (with a white charcoal pencil) mark a six inch band at the bottom of your shirt and two lines from the top left side of the neckline and the top right side of the neckline all the way down to the top of the 6" band at the bottom of the shirt like this:

then CAREFULLY cut (only the back layer of the shirt not the front) the line from the top right side of the neckline all the way down to the white line marking the 6" band at the bottom of the shirt do the same with the left side so you end up with a rectangle shape out of the back of your tee

make sure not to cut into the 6" band at the bottom

then cut from the bottom of the "arm pit seam" all the way down the side seam to the top of that white line marking the 6" band at the bottom again NOT cutting into the band so you end up with something like this:

then take the "sleeve looking things" at the top of your shirt and cut 3 to 6 strips down the "sleeve" not cutting them completely of the shirt like so:

so they are still attached

then if you had the shirt on the front side we are going to flip it over AGAIN and place the "strings" about an inch away from each other on the OPPOSITE side of the shirt like this 

             if you can see that :)

     then get a sewing needle and thread the color of your shirt

 thread your needle and start sewing the end of the strings right where you placed them (optional) weaving them in the the middle where the strings from the different sides meet in the middle
 viola your done! and you can either wear it with a colorful tube top or if like me that's not aloud a colorful tank top or Cami under it!

SNEEK PEEK: at my purple Haze shirt!

Hope you enjoyed reading this guys! this is obviously an old post transferred from my old blog but I thought you might enjoy it anyway! thanks for reading!