Mar 7, 2012

Different types of concealer how to use them, and coverage charts

Concealer is kind of like a thicker foundation with different colored under tones to mute red or blue area's on your face such as a blemish or under your eyes
You can useally find concealer in 5 different forms such as
Cream or potted concealer
Liquid or wand

Stick concealers are just like a lip balm or lip stick except its skin colored.

Coverage - This concealer is useally pretty full coverage and is good for everywhere on your face
Best to apply with - fingers, Rub it on from the stick to your face then blend with your fingers.
Good for - Under eye circles, acne, any dark areas such as around your mouth, eye's and nose
How easy is it to apply - Stick concealers are one of the easiest to apply and blend and when done correctly will look natural and won't sink into fine lines

For stick concealers I recomend- Maybeline cover stick

Pencil concealers (above) are shaped just like an eyeliner pencil but obviously has concealer instead of eyeliner in it

Coverage - Thick and full
Best way to apply - Draw over area with the pencil the blend with a small synthetic brush
Good for -  Pimples, and under eyes
How easy is it to apply - Really easy
For pencil concealers I recomend- E.l.f. studio concealer pencil and brush

Powder concealers (above) come in a small jar with a shaker type lid on it or in a compact like pressed powder

Coverage - Medium to full coverage
Best to apply with - To apply powder concealer you use a wet brush to make it a liquid temporaraly then when it drys its a Matte powder
Good for - Under eye area
How easy is it to apply - Somewhat hard unless you have used powder foundation or concealer before and have practiced alot
For powder concealers I recomend- Bare minerals spf 20 powder concealer

Cream or "potted" Concealer (above) come in a small jar and is a thick waxy type product

Coverage - Full
Best to apply with - Brush or finger
Good for - Under eye's, around any dark area's or on blemishes
How easy is it to apply - Fairly simple and easy to apply even on the go
For jar or cream concealers I recomend- Nyx concealer in a jar (pictured above)

Liquid or wand Concealers (above) are like a lipgloss container and doefoot applicator

Coverage - Natural/light
Best to apply with - brush or sponge
Good for - not the best for under eye area seeing as it does'nt have the best coverage but is good for dark areas on the face or Not so bad under eye circles
How easy is it to apply - Really easy and simple
I recomend- M.a.c pro long wear concealer (bottle), M.a.c. select moister cover wand concealer

My personal favorite is the jar concealers! Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed!

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