Oct 21, 2012

DIY zombie makeup flesh how to tutorial video...

This video shows you how to make fake flesh for zombie makeup like this:

Also here is how to do the makeup with the fake flesh:

Aug 27, 2012

Blueberry sour cream ice cream recipe

Blueberry sour cream ice cream recipe
To make this unique flavored creamy textured blueberry sour cream ice cream read below for the recipie
First here are all of the ingredients you will need:

1Cup of Blueberry (Fresh or frozen)
1/3Cup sugar
Pinch of salt (Not pictured)
Grated zest (the outer yellow part of the lemon) and juice from 1/4 a lemon
3/4Cup heavy cream
3/4Cup sour cream

You will also need:
A measuring cup
Microwave safe bowl if you are using frozen berrys
Cheese grater
Ice cream maker
A sauce pan and a stove 
Measure out 1 cup of berry's into the Sauce pan

If you are using frozen berry's' you will have to thaw them in the microwave first

Next get your cheese grater and cut the lemon into fourths 
 using 1/4 of the lemon  sqeeze out all of the juice into the suacepan
Then grate the zest off of 1/4 of the lemon, The zest is just the very outer yellow part of the peel And add that to the pan as well

Next add the pinch of salt, the sugar and berrys to the pan and bring to a boil

When the berries have all burst about 3-5 minutes take the pan off heat and put it in your blender

Blend it until you have a relatively smooth mixture (it won't get completely smooth but close enough) 

Then add in the remainder of the ingredients Sour cream and heavy cream 

Then blend that all up and put it in the refrigerator in a small bowl

When the Mix is semi solid like a frozen custard take it out of the fridge and put it in your ice cream maker and follow the instructions on the manual

When you are done you should have something like this:

This recipe makes about 1 pint

Aug 9, 2012

Cheap High-end Makeup Dupes!!! #1 Nars Blush-bronzer duo

Okee dokee everyone so today i'm going to start a little series where I am going to compare a high end product (like nars b&b duo) To a cheaper dupe for that product. So you can get high end makeup that you have always wanted to try for A LOT less $$$ So here is my very first post of the series, Today I am comparing Nars blush-bronzer duo to, E.l.f. Blush and bronzing duo.

Here is a really quick sum up of everything below:
           E.l.f. Blush-Bronzing duo:                             Nars blush and bronzer duo:
Price:  $3.00                                                             $41.00
So first lets talk about

Nars blush/bronzer duo 
So this is the Nars blush-bronzer duo which retails at $41.00, and comes in 2 shades on with a slightly darker blush. This compact includes two of the most popular nars shades, Laguna the bronzer, and Orgasm the blush. The nars blush has a very fine golden shimmer to it giving you a subtle glow, along with the bronzer that is very shimmery.
The packaging is cute, sleek and professional looking yet it gets very messy very fast it alomost seems to be a magnet to anything messy dust, finger prints, and broken or powdered makeup. The pigmentation is excelent and has a very fine smooth texture to it and the shimmer stays put, Also you don't want to use a very dense brush or a lot of this product because it is really pigmented.
Here is the elf and nars blush and bronzers swatched next
To each other 

Next is the elf studio blush and bronzer duo that comes with the colors Blushed and Bronzed Which you can see swatched above, This product retails for only $3!!!

Ferrets 101: How to care for ferrets and what you need

Ferrets 101: How to care for ferrets and what you need

First things first!

Things you need to know if you are going to get a ferret:

The cost-
The actual ferret can cost anywhere from $60-$200, But that is only part of the cost! You will also need all of these things to properly care for your ferret.

1. Cage.
With ferret the bigger the cage the better, Also the more time you are planning on keeping your ferret in the cage the bigger you will want it. Ferrets like to run around and play so they need plenty of room

2. Hammocks, Toys and beds.
Ferrets are very playful so you are going to need lots of toys such as, Little balls with bells in them, tubes, hammocks (ferrets are particularly fond of these), and other stuff that your ferret can climb on or through

3. Bedding.
No matter what you do, Do NOT put any kind of wood chips in a ferret cage because the oils in the wood cause all sorts of health problems in small animals such as ferrets. The recommendation for bedding in ferret cages is to use an old towel, baby blanket, shredded paper or a sweater with sleeves it can climb through.

4. Food and water dishes
A lot of people think that ferrets drink out of water bottles which they can, They just prefer to drink from a bowl like a cat or dog. You don't need a very large bowl just 2 smaller ones. You will also want to get a food and water dish that clips on to the cage so that they cant flip it over, They LOVE to flip over food and water dishes.

5. Books.
Something handy to have if you are planning on keeping a ferret as a pet is a book about ferrets or a ferret guide.

6. Food.
Zupreem and marshals is said to be the best brand of ferret food, Some people say that you can just use cat food, Which you can its just not the best for them

7. Treats.
If you are planning on training your ferret at all or just want treats for it Marshall and N-bone treats are the best for them and are good for they're teeth

8.  Litter box/Litter.
Yes ferrets can easily be trained to use a litter box, Which means you will need a litter box and litter. Lots of people say you can just use cat litter but its not good for them instead use paper pellets, again NOT wood chips of any kind. As for the actual litter box a small, plastic, corner litter box is the best.


1. Ferret shampoo.
You can buy Ferret shampoo at pet co for around $6-10, Something conditioning and deodorizing is the best choice because ferrets tend to have dry itchy skin, and a natural musky odor

2. Brush.
During shedding season you will most definitely need a brush, You can buy special brushes for ferrets but really a cat or dog brush from the dollar store will work perfectly fine, Just nothing that would scratch them! Ideally you want something with rubber coated ends or something like that so you don't irritate they're skin.

3. Tooth brush, paste.
This isn't unnecessary but is recommended You can use a cat toothbrush and tooth paste. They should ideally have their teeth brushed every day . Their gums may bleed at first. You may have to start with a couple times a week and work your way up to every day/every other day so their gums can get used to the brushing.

4. Ear cleaner.
Ferrets have a tendency to get ear infections so it is recommended that you clean they're ears every week or so. For this most animal shops carry special ferret ear cleaner and you can just use a q-tip and some of that cleaner to clean they're ears GENTLY.

5. Nail clippers.
You want to keep your ferrets nails clipped just like a cat or dog, Just clip them every month or so using just regular old nail clippers or you can buy special ferret nail clippers

6. Flea spray.
To prevent your ferret from getting fleas its a good idea to get some flea spray from the pet store and make sure it is meant specially for ferrets other wise it may harm them or irritate they're skin

7. Cage cleaner and deodorizer.
To keep your ferrets cage sanitized and smelling fresh you can buy special sprays at the pet store, But I recommend just using vinegar mixed with a few drops of essential oils in a spray bottle, To use this take your ferrets(s) out of the cage and spray it all down then feel free to put them back in as soon as its dry.

Now I will tell you some general facts and tips about ferrets:

Males tend to be larger than females in length and weight. Females are 13-14 inches long and weigh anywhere from 0.75 to 2.5 lbs, whereas males are on average 15-16 inches long and weigh 2-3.5 lbs if neutered and are even larger (4 or more lbs) if not neutered.

Ferrets live anywhere between 6-12 years depending on how well you treat and take care of it

Ferrets usually sleep 12-18 out of 24 hours a day but when they aren't sleeping they are all sorts of energetic and playful

Ferrets can sleep so soundly that they cannot be woken up even when picked up and jostled.

Ferrets love to climb into small spaces, nooks and craines so make sure that if you are going to keep it out of a cage that you "ferret proof" your house first.

Jun 14, 2012

Moving, Camp.. Boredom...

Man! I am just busy busy busy this summer!

So right now I live out in the country, (a small town were nobody but old people and red necks live) in a 1 bedroom house along with my 2 parents and 3 other siblings. My two brothers actually have to live out side in a bus, Which isn't actually as bad as it sounds, See we actually used to live in a bus for about 3 years and traveled around the USA. It's not quite an RV but not quite a school bus, More like a school bus with bunk beds instead of seats. Any way we all hate it out here (except my brother of course) and we have been wanting to move and wanting to move but we just couldn't afford it but About a month ago my mom realized we had almost enough money to put a down payment on a house, 

And what do you know 1 month later and we have bought our dream house and are ready to move in in just a couple of weeks. Which of course I won't be here for because you see I will be at camp! Its actually a camp my grandma (with the help of me of course :) runs in a different state completely And its soooo much fun! she has a huge pond with a 200 ft slip n' slide going into it ,cabins and LOTS of fun crafts and activity's. 

Yes that is a SLIP N' SLIDE!
Camp grandma as we call it, actually started with me, my sister  and a couple of my friends I think about 6-7 years ago when my sister was saying that little kids never got to do anything fun so, My grandma being as awesome as she is made a special little camp just for us with a little tent in the living room and sleepovers and everything we even got to do fun Activities like make dresses out of newspaper and tape!
This is my little sister on the water slide at the very first camp grandma!

These are the dresses us little kids came up with all by our self's with just tape and newspaper 

Any way I always go up to my grandma's house a week before camp to help her get ready and what not, So I will be leaving in just a few days from now which means all of my things are packed for moving or for camp  and I mean ALL my stuff too. Plus it was to hot to even play out side 
So naturally I began to get VERY bored which usually doesn't happen.

So just for a little looksie into my day here is my computer history:

This also followed up with My older brother and I asking each other random nerdy movie trivia questions like:

"List the Names of all of the people, elf's or dwarfs etc. in the original fellowship of the ring"

"How tall is Chris hemsworth?"

"What is the harry potter spell to freeze some one"

"How many signature items does Captain jack sparrow carry on his being at all times (including special tattoos)"

Anyway that's pretty much it! well then...
(just an fyi I got all those questions right... :)