Aug 9, 2012

Cheap High-end Makeup Dupes!!! #1 Nars Blush-bronzer duo

Okee dokee everyone so today i'm going to start a little series where I am going to compare a high end product (like nars b&b duo) To a cheaper dupe for that product. So you can get high end makeup that you have always wanted to try for A LOT less $$$ So here is my very first post of the series, Today I am comparing Nars blush-bronzer duo to, E.l.f. Blush and bronzing duo.

Here is a really quick sum up of everything below:
           E.l.f. Blush-Bronzing duo:                             Nars blush and bronzer duo:
Price:  $3.00                                                             $41.00
So first lets talk about

Nars blush/bronzer duo 
So this is the Nars blush-bronzer duo which retails at $41.00, and comes in 2 shades on with a slightly darker blush. This compact includes two of the most popular nars shades, Laguna the bronzer, and Orgasm the blush. The nars blush has a very fine golden shimmer to it giving you a subtle glow, along with the bronzer that is very shimmery.
The packaging is cute, sleek and professional looking yet it gets very messy very fast it alomost seems to be a magnet to anything messy dust, finger prints, and broken or powdered makeup. The pigmentation is excelent and has a very fine smooth texture to it and the shimmer stays put, Also you don't want to use a very dense brush or a lot of this product because it is really pigmented.
Here is the elf and nars blush and bronzers swatched next
To each other 

Next is the elf studio blush and bronzer duo that comes with the colors Blushed and Bronzed Which you can see swatched above, This product retails for only $3!!!

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