Feb 16, 2012

DIY cheap drawer/makeup organizer

DIY drawer/makeup organizer
So today i;m going to show you how to make your own drawer organizer ( I used mine for makeup)
 I am going to make two lengthwise dividers and 1 shorter ones to go inside those long ones so it looks like this (right) I have seen organizers like these in stores and online price ranging from $10 to $30 so I decided to make my own using cheap products so here is a list of things you will need to get started:
Cardboard box
Scissor's or an xcacto knife
Elmer's glue AND hot glue gun
Scrap booking paper (you can purchase single pieces of craft paper at most craft stores)

Okee dokee first measure your drawers you will need measurements from side to side, back to front and the depth of the drawers 

Write down the measurements so you dont have to measure again
Ok now take out your cardboard box and take the ruler and draw lines length wise on the box according to how deep your drawers are (e.g. if your drawers are 2" deep draw lines 2" apart from each other length wise)

 then draw a line on how long the pieces need to be. now that you have those drawn on cut out the peices and make sure they fit in your drawers cut out any extra I am going to make two lengthwise dividers and two shorter ones to go inside those long ones so it looks like this:

Now come's the fun part find the scrap booking paper you want these are the ones I am using:
You can also get a piece to line the bottom of the drawer with 
alright so after checking and making SURE that the dividers fit in the drawer how you want do the following:
1. Take a divider and place it on the back of the scrapbooking paper in the very corner (leave about 1/2 and inch between the bottom of the cardboard and the bottom of the paper) and trace a line across the top of the cardboard

2. Now pick up the divider and put the bottom of it about 1/2 an inch above the line you just and draw another line across the top of that one 

3. draw a line on the side of the cardboard and now you should have a rectangle traced on your paper that is a little bit bigger than your divider like so

4. cut that out

5. now get your elmers glue not the hot glue and put it all on one side of your cardbord and take an extra scrap of paper or cradboard to spread it out to a thin layer like this: 

other wise the paper will wrinkle all up 
6. ok now take your paper and put the side of the cardboard with the glue on it and put it about 1/2 an inch from the bottom of the paper

7. now put glue on the top and the other side of the cardboard and glue it all together 

8. then cut of any extra paper

continue steps 1-8 with the other dividers

Ok the is ovbiously optional but if you want you can line the bottom of your drawers with pretty paper too by doing the following:
Well first makesure the paper fits in the drawer how you want and cut it down to size
 Then put elmers glue all over the bottom of the drawer and spread it around

Put the paper down on the glue and rub it down so there is no air bubbles 

 then just secure the corners with a little extra glue

Alright now back to business now heat up your hot glue gun and when its heated up glue the seperators al together how you want them like this:

then put a very thin ribbon of hot glue on the borttom of these and glue them in your drawers

Now organize your stuff and your ready to go thanks for checking this out hope you enjoy!


  1. Such a cute way to stay organized! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love this DIY! I love makeup, and organized things. So, what could be better? Good job! You Rock!