Feb 17, 2012

5 Ways to organize your space for under $20... #1

5 Ways to organize your space for under $20... #1 Great ideas for how to organize your things and keep them that way.

Pegboard  $20 for 2 

Pegboard is GREAT for organizing, and if you don't want an ugly piece of wood on your wall you can  paint it and put it in a frame if you like.

So first obviously paint your peg board and frame if you wish ( 6.00 for the board 4.00 for paint)

Hang that on your wall 

Than you are going to need  the things you put on the peg board (i'm only useing about 1/3rd of the hangings that were 14.00 a box for 40 somthing pieces )

Organize your stuff in it and your done! I obviously used mine for my fashion design/sewing area but some other good ideas are, for the office, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom all under $20.00

Hope you enjoyed! 

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