Mar 1, 2012

PMS and chocolate.

My mother said that she would give me any treat, sugar, chocolate, ingredients to make treats etc. if I wrote this blog post so here goes...

I am pmsing and frankly I am craving sweets so I got on pinterest this morning and was looking around at some awesome things and I found a board I really liked this board was titled FOOD. so of course I had to look at it, I then of course ended up looking at a trail of sweets, brownies, cookies, endless sugar recipes  and then at last I had found it a recipe for homemade Twix bars (which so happen to be my absolute favorite candy) of course I started absolutely freaking out I was so happy of course I had to come across this when we have

1. Almost no food at all until payday (this equals no chocolate chips, caramel, milk, cocoa powder, vanilla, ice cream, chocolates in heart shaped boxes, chocolates in bars, mini chocolate chips.... MMMmmm...) So I cant even make anything,,,

2.No car so even if i did have a hope of going to the store to buy one or many (many more likely) of these things I couldn't... My only hopes and dreams crushed... :(

3. Repeat number 1&2

So I went ranting on to my mother about how I have no chocolate or sweets or any way to make my own. Home made would have served my purposes much better seeing as its home made and pretty much everything homemade is better than store bought (assuming you can bake which I so happenly can)

Next thing I knew I was tearing apart the kitchen looking for something that can serve my purposes and I find nothing my hands are left empty nothing, nada, zero, If you must even zip

So I continue to sit here and taunt myself over all these delectable looking delicacy's when I  notice the keyboard is sopping wet from me drooling on it and So I  devise a plan... My mind was going crazy there was only one possible thing this day could end with and that was chocolate chocolate was my new target that's all I really wanted so through out me sitting here on the computer drooling over stuff my mom is cracking me up and saying that I need to make a blog post so I made her a deal I said I would make a blog post about this if she met all of my demands (im now starting to feel more professional like I was holding someone hostage and this was all of my Stuff I needed to escape the country)

So I got incredibly excited about this and I started looking for recipe's when I came across a recipe for homemade twix which I love! so I hope you enjoyed this little post I am now for my closing I would like my father to know exactly what I need....

  1. First i need to acquire four sticks of butter (unsalted mind you)
  2. Caramels (no not hard sucky Carmel's more like the ones kainan used to make us buy for Halloween the soft chewy kind and lots!)
  3. A bag of Powdered sugar 
  4. Milk or cream
  5. MILK chocolate chips (lots of these also)
  6. Brown sugar
  7. Peanut butter
  8. milk duds
  9. Pure vanilla extract
  10. Now I have to add one more thing seeing as before this one there was nine things which just wasn't going to work So for my last thing I would very much like some sprite. Not sister sprite soda sprite.

So whith no further ado I bid you all a fair night and hope I have made you crave chocolate just as bad as I have..... with
For recipe for homemade twix bars go here:

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