Mar 6, 2012

OSCARS or academy awards WORST dressed

OSCARS or academy awards WORST dressed
Esperanaza spalding is it? yes? oh well
this dress isn't to bad except for the fact that the top half
appears to be a child size X6
Glenn close wearing what appears to be a pant suit
Altered to be a dress last minute because she forgot to buy a dress

Natalie portman also wearing a little girl style prom dress
"Look at me I'm a strawberry!!!"

Meryl streep in this Over sized looking full out tacky gold dress.
I'm not even completely sure who this is but her dress frightens me.
She looks as straight at a 12 year old boy and the little lace/fringe things
look like little monster hands grabbing her its quite creepy.
Sarah hyland's after party dress looks like a little 12 year old girls Easter dress.
That's all I have to say about this one.

Cameron diaz looks REALLY washed out with her bleached bob in her champagne
Gucci gown I do like the dress just not on her its not her color, and it doesn't get any better with her shall we say
"Bold" choice of an after party dress which is a very bright orange which is also not the best color
for her and its way to tightly fitted that its pulling in place's it shouldn't making it look very unflattering
Judy greer's dress isn't to bad but you know if you shortened it
it would look like a 70's gogo dress

Ok first on left is Emma stone wearing this truly awful red dress by Giambattista Valli. The color is no good on her, she looks all washed out, and whats with the bow? she looks like a kitten wrapped up for Christmas for someones child...
Nicole kidman in a similar dress at the 2007 Oscars

This is probably one of the worst out of them all (personally)
This awful black and yellow dress that Jessica chastain is
wearing by Alexander McQueen. This dress strongly resembles the
curtains from the last holiday inn I was at. this was another double mistake
because as you can see  Nancy
O'dell is also wearing an awful black and yellow dress

No scratch that this is the worst of them all
Nancy Odell At the 2012 Oscar awards 

This one is just a wreck...
This is Shailene woodley in a Valentino dress
which strongly reminds me of a 70's, star trek, princess Leia
type thing and to top it all off its also very unflattering
And who could forget this Viola davis'....
Uh what is that leather? And tissue paper?
No? Oh well it sure looks like it and the color
is like a faded green construction paper
it is truly awful which makes me sad
because this is a design from Vera wang
on of my all time favorite designer's.

Virgina madson wearing Who knows who
But I LOVE the color and I like the idea yet
its very simple and very unflattering
Rooney mara in Givenchy gown which the bottom half
of I actually like but may I ask whats with the little like
shelf cup things?
And the worst for last this is Mellisa Leo in some type of polo/dress thing
that looks like some conservative homeschooler would wear to prom dipped in
glue and glitter to make it more formal looking and just didn't turn out right
this gold and black glitter uh... 
There we go.
Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed

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