Mar 15, 2012

7 Day fashion blogger challenge Join Me!!!

7  Day fashion blogger challenge Join Me!!!

Alright lets get straight to the point! OK so I don't know if you guys have ever seen project runway?
If not its pretty much a TV show with I think 20 fashion designers and each day/couple of days they get a challenge like Day one make an evening gown out of things just from the dollar store and stuff like that! So I LOVED the idea of having challenges like that because I want to be a fashion designer sometime in the future so I decided  I wanted to do my own little challenge thing and I want YOU to join me.

(If you would like to participate in my challenge please leave your blog/channel link below in the comments)

So here is what I'm going to do...  For the next five days (starting on Monday the 26th) I will have a challenge each day and both you and me will make a video/or blog post about that challenge on your YouTube channel or blog and the finished products so here is the challenges starting on Monday!

MON- Day 1 challenge- Pick 10-15 articles of clothing and under 10 accessories and shoes from your closet (take pictures of these) and create 10 different outfits using only those 10-15 articles of clothing and accessories (take pics of these as well). Try and make the outfits each look unique and different but still something you would wear then

TUES- Day 2 challenge- Make something (or several somthings) stylish out of plain old tee shirts! Start by drawing designs of them (try to make a couple different ones) scan them and put them at the top of your blog post, then get to making one of your designs. You can cut, sew, glue, add other fabric, alter whatever you can think of! (this can be a different type of shirt, dress, pants, accessories anything really!)

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Great Inspiration-
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WED- Day 3 challenge- This challenge is going to be a bit more difficult...  Today the challenge is to design and draw 3 outfits, One evening gown, something spring/summery, and the last one is your choice! Now for the little twist! These outfits have to be made of trash bags! Explain how you would get the different textures or pasterns in your designs and make a video/post about it and I will check it out!
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THUR- Day 4 challenge- Show me 5-10 different ways to tie a scarf, take pics, put it in a post.

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FRI-  Day 5 challenge- Style and put together 3 outfits 1 dressy, 1 casual, 1 your choice using mainly a men's button up dress shirt, take pictures, put it in a post/video and link it in the comments

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WEEKEND- Final challenge- Remember those trash bag designs we made? yes? well today we are going to make them in real life! So first chose your favorite out of all 3 designs you made and get to work making it. Don't forget to take pictures or the steps and final product and put it in a video/ or blog post!
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1. you do not have to do each challenge but if you do try and make a blog post or video about that days challenge

2. at the top of your post's put a link to this post so other people can join in and look at our projects

3. you can start any day of the week! Be it Tues. Friday or Monday you are welcome to join in!

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed check back on Monday to start seeing my challenge post's!
I you guys like this and want to see more challenges let me know!

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