Apr 19, 2012

Dream cars? Random I know....

Hello everyone so today this post is just a bit  of subject and odd but I'm not exactly what you would call normal and I am more obsessed with vintage cars than most 14 yr olds out there but hey I felt like making a post of my top 5 dream cars! So here they are in no particular order...

#1. Pink or maybe red 57' Chevy belair convertible, White interior, 4 door with moon discs :)

57' Lincoln premiere, Four door, Landau PINK!

#2.  57' Lincoln premiere Landau, Four door, convertible PINK!

#3. 1959 Buick 2 Door Convertible Red, or blue

#4   Purple 59' cadillac coupe deville convertible

#5. VW bus with hippie style paintings on the side

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