Apr 5, 2012

My top 10 Favorite Beauty gurus!

Hey guys so in this little post today I thought I would share my top 10 fav. beauty gurus, tell you a little bit about them, why I like them and link to they're channel/blog/website And no this is not going to be just like every single other post on this I am going to have a few more known people on here but lots of them a lot of people don't know about so I thought I would tell you! ONWARD!

1. Kandee Johnson
Kandee is one of my all time favorites! She has good quality videos, shes really fun and unique not just the plain old boring thing and she gets stuff done! She is fun and entertaining to watch and also has a blog called kandee land which I think is just adorable + I love her style!!!! So I definatly Suggest subscribing to both her blog and youtube channel! kandee has almost 800,000 subscribers, 150million views and 350 videos

BLOG: http://kandeelandkandeeland.blogspot.com/

2. Holly Ann-AeRee
Holly has almost 200 videos uploaded, 2,800 sub. and over 36 million views. Ifeel like holly
has a lot of very helpful videos and they are all very professional and straight to the point
She is also very pretty and has a large collection of stuff to review and use in tutorials

3. Alovetarte

Mary has really good video's that are very informative but, she does have a very small comfort zone so unless you are just like her you may not agree with some of her reviews and videos other than that I think she is very professional and has lots of great video's she also has 8,000 sub., 850,000 views and 240

Her blog: http://alovetart.com/

4. MacBarbie07

with 508,000 subscribers, 70,000,000 views and almost 250 videos macbarbie07 is one of the more known gurus out there but is still one of my favorites! I really think her videos are fun and very professional! And she is really good at what she does and on the plus side she is GORGEOUS!

5. AprilAthena7

OMG! I love Aprils videos so much she is by far in my top 3 all time favorites! She post cooking, makeup, hair, beauty, nails and DIY videos so she has a large variation which is awesome! She is so fun and quirky, she has GREAT videos, shes not shy, boring, or annoying and she is also really professional at the same time as being fun which is great! Aprils channel has 70,000 subbies, almost 6 million views and over 150 videos

Aprils blog: http://aprilathena7.blogspot.com/

6 & 7. Elle & Blair

Of course everyone knows The Fowler sisters! They are fabulous! They have really good informative videos and reviews and they also have a lot of unique videos you can't find on other peoples channel plus they are really pretty and unique and they get a lot of hate but I just love them! Plus they are probably the best quality videos you are going to find anywhere and they are super professional and mature.

Elle with 720,000 sub., 120 million views and 330 videos

And Blair with 965,000 subscribers, 190 million video views and almost 300 videos

They're blog: http://www.elleandblair.com/

Elle's channel:

Blair's channel:

8. XBeautyyyX

Carolyn is her name! I really do like carolyn becuase we have a lot in common and though her video quality isn't the best I still really like her videos and feel like she is one of the only genuine gurus left! Her videos are fun and entertaining and with 11,000 subscribers, almost 2 million views and 75 videos to watch

9. FreshBlush

Erin is super mature and proffesional with GREAT quality videos! She has lots of great videos to watch and is sooooo pretty! The lighting in her videos are always perfect and she has a lot of makeup and beauty products to use in her videos and has 20,000 sub. , almost 2 million views and almost 100 videos

10. Kissandmakeupx2

Last but most certainly not least! kissandmakeupx2 I just LOVE her videos and her accent is the BEST shes so fun to watch and has pretty good quality videos , shes funny, cute and entertaining and she reminds me of my big sister sprite!

She has 18,000 sub, 830,000 views and over 50 videos to watch

AND! of course dont forget to check out my channel! Love you guys and hope you found this helpful!

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