Jun 14, 2012

Moving, Camp.. Boredom...

Man! I am just busy busy busy this summer!

So right now I live out in the country, (a small town were nobody but old people and red necks live) in a 1 bedroom house along with my 2 parents and 3 other siblings. My two brothers actually have to live out side in a bus, Which isn't actually as bad as it sounds, See we actually used to live in a bus for about 3 years and traveled around the USA. It's not quite an RV but not quite a school bus, More like a school bus with bunk beds instead of seats. Any way we all hate it out here (except my brother of course) and we have been wanting to move and wanting to move but we just couldn't afford it but About a month ago my mom realized we had almost enough money to put a down payment on a house, 

And what do you know 1 month later and we have bought our dream house and are ready to move in in just a couple of weeks. Which of course I won't be here for because you see I will be at camp! Its actually a camp my grandma (with the help of me of course :) runs in a different state completely And its soooo much fun! she has a huge pond with a 200 ft slip n' slide going into it ,cabins and LOTS of fun crafts and activity's. 

Yes that is a SLIP N' SLIDE!
Camp grandma as we call it, actually started with me, my sister  and a couple of my friends I think about 6-7 years ago when my sister was saying that little kids never got to do anything fun so, My grandma being as awesome as she is made a special little camp just for us with a little tent in the living room and sleepovers and everything we even got to do fun Activities like make dresses out of newspaper and tape!
This is my little sister on the water slide at the very first camp grandma!

These are the dresses us little kids came up with all by our self's with just tape and newspaper 

Any way I always go up to my grandma's house a week before camp to help her get ready and what not, So I will be leaving in just a few days from now which means all of my things are packed for moving or for camp  and I mean ALL my stuff too. Plus it was to hot to even play out side 
So naturally I began to get VERY bored which usually doesn't happen.

So just for a little looksie into my day here is my computer history:

This also followed up with My older brother and I asking each other random nerdy movie trivia questions like:

"List the Names of all of the people, elf's or dwarfs etc. in the original fellowship of the ring"

"How tall is Chris hemsworth?"

"What is the harry potter spell to freeze some one"

"How many signature items does Captain jack sparrow carry on his being at all times (including special tattoos)"

Anyway that's pretty much it! well then...
(just an fyi I got all those questions right... :)


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